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Energy Audits

Request a free energy audit:

Any member experiencing an unusually high bill or interested in energy conservation tips may request a free energy audit. When requested, an energy services representative will visit your home to perform a walk-through energy audit. This information will help the auditor pinpoint problems and make recommendations about ways to reduce electric use.

Auditors use a variety of techniques and equipment to determine efficiency. Energy audits include a thorough inspection inside and outside the home to identify problems. Auditors conduct a room-by-room inspection and careful examination of past utility bills. Before auditors visit, make a list of any problems or concerns you want to discuss. The cooperative’s energy advisor will have a summary of the home’s energy bills so you will not have to worry about providing this information. The auditor will use this information to establish what to look for during the audit.

Here are some quick facts about WFEC’s audits:

· Energy audits are free

· Audits consist of a home walk through with an energy advisor

· Energy advisor provides suggestions for efficiency upgrades

· Daily kWh consumption reports provided to members (upon request)

To schedule an energy audit, please call one of our district offices or send us a message or conduct an online do-it-yourself audit using our Home Energy Calculator.


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