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Start, Change or Stop Service

Applying for new service or changing your existing service is easy and convenient

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Apply for Service 

To Begin New Residential Service:

Apply online or in person at any district office. Be sure to have your driver’s license and Social Security card as proof of identification.

Residential service deposit: $300 (must be paid prior to establishing service)
Non-refundable service charge: $50
Membership fee: $5

To Begin New Commercial Service:

Apply for service online or at a district office. Deposits for commercial service are based on usage at location. In lieu of required deposits, commercial account holders may submit an irrevocable letter of credit from their financial institution, or a surety bond from their insurance company.

Apply For Service


Transfer Service

Call or visit any district office. You'll be asked to provide the following:

• Proof of identification (driver’s license or social security number).

• $50 transfer fee (cash, check, e-check, and credit cards accepted). If you're currently served by WFEC and would like service to continue at your current location while you move, we are happy to provide dual service. The following is needed:

• Zero balance on current account

• Disconnect date for current location

• Connect date for new location

• Dual service is only available for 7 calendar days

Keep in mind you'll receive a final bill for the current location. This bill includes energy charges incurred from the previous meter reading date through the scheduled disconnect date. Depending on the length of time between these dates, the final bill at the original location may be higher than usual due to the extended billing cycle required to accommodate the move.

This process is the same for residential and commercial members.


stop service

Disconnect Service

Call or stop by any WFEC office. You'll need to provide photo identification if you visit an office. If calling, you'll need to provide identifying information (which may include your social security number or driver’s license number). The account must be listed in your name to make changes or disconnect service. A spouse or roommate cannot disconnect service at a location if their name is not listed on the account.

There is no charge for disconnecting service. Meters are disconnected as soon as possible. Any remaining energy charges will appear on your final bill.

If you are relocating outside of the WFEC service area, please make sure we have a correct forwarding address for any future Capital Credit payments and for proper processing of the final bill. Any remaining deposit will be credited to your final bill.

This process is the same for residential and commercial members.