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Surge Protection

Experience peace of mind knowing your home & appliances are protected from power surges:

lightning strike

Lease Surge Protection

$4.25/month with a one-time $50 installation fee.

The red light on the surge device will go out if it has taken a hit and needs to be replaced. WFEC will replace it as many times as necessary during the life of the lease. If any damage occurs, the co-op will do all the paperwork needed for a claim. The unit is designed to protect electro-mechanical devices with motors and compressors (typically in large appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, etc.). Though it will help, it is not designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment such as microwaves, TV’s, DVD players, etc. or any appliances with a microprocessor. A plug-in surge protection strip is recommended for sensitive electronics in addition to the meter base surge protector. 

Meter Base Surge Lease Form

Purchase Surge Protection

$124.95 + tax with an installation fee of $50

This unit will be replaced once without charge when purchased.

For more information or questions please contact a member services representative at one of our district offices or email us using our contact us page.


Surge Protection FAQ

Just what is a surge and how are they created?

Surges are very brief increases (spikes) in voltage. Many people equate surges with lightning, but there are many other causes that most people don’t even recognize. From outside your home, brief surges can occur when a tree branch falls into a line or a car hits a power pole. Internal surges can occur when motors or pumps turn off and on or when you turn your vacuum cleaner on and off . (A large vacuum cleaner can generate a 6000-volt spike!)

How do Surge Protection Devices work?

Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) are like pressure safety valves on a boiler, which release dangerous excess pressure from the system. SPDs are installed across the power supply in parallel with the equipment to be protected. 

At normal operating voltages, the SPDs do not affect the system. When a transient voltage occurs, the SPD diverts the transient energy/current back to its source or ground. This limits (clamps) the voltage amplitude to a safer level. Aft er the transient is diverted the SPD will automatically reset back to its original state.

What is a meter-base protector?

A meter-base protector is a high-energy surge protection device that is installed directly behind the electric meter at your home. All power coming into your home runs through the meter-base protector, making it the first stage of protection against power surges.

Shouldn’t the utility protect power lines from surges?

Yes, we provide surge protection on the electrical distribution system. This surge protection is tough enough to work on high voltage lines but is not refined enough to protect sensitive electronics.

If I rent a house or apartment, am I eligible for this service?

Only property owners are eligible to participate in the meter-base protection service. If a tenant wants to participate in the meter-base protection service, they should contact the property owner to see if they are willing to have the charges billed to their account. The protection offered by the meter-base protector would mainly benefit the owner of the property’s major appliances (the property owner, in most cases). Property owner approval is required for all meter-base protector installations on a rental property. Plug-in protectors are only sold in conjunction with meter-base protectors.

How do I know if the surge protection is still working?

The meter-base protector has a red indicator light to let you know it is functioning properly. If this light is not illuminated, be sure to contact us.

Is there a minimum amount of time that I must keep the meter-base protector at my home?

Yes, if leased. WFEC offers the meter-base protector for an initial term of 24 months. Termination by the customer of the meter-base protector service prior to the end of this initial term will result in a removal/termination fee.

Can I take the meter-base protector with me when I move?

If purchased, yes. Although other utilities might not approve the installation on their system. If the meter-base protector is leased, you can simply request the service at the new residence. There will be a fee for the installation that includes a grounding inspection and any needed electrical grounding repairs at the new residence. The monthly fee continues as usual.

What is not covered by meter-base protectors or plug-in protectors?

Some equipment cannot be sufficiently protected by the meter-base protector, as surges can enter through the ground, phone line, coax cable, antenna or a direct lightning strike, rather than the power lines.

Will the meter-base protector protect my home from a direct lightning strike?

The vast majority of lightning strikes you can hear or see occur nearby your home. These strikes may send surges into your home through electrical, cable, or phone lines. Surge protection equipment is designed to protect against these common surges. Service entrance protectors are not designed to protect your home from a direct lightning strike, but fortunately, the odds of lightning striking your home are very low.

Can I buy plug-in protectors if I don’t have a meter-base protector?

Plug-in protectors are designed to function as a second stage of surge protection. The meter-base protector is the first stage of surge protection, which protects plug-in protectors from powerful surges. For this reason, we recommend using plug-in protectors in conjunction with the meter-base protector.

Do I have to buy an individual plug-in protector for all my electronic equipment?

Based on the location of the electronic equipment, multiple items can be plugged into one protector. Items such as TVs, DVD players, computers and related equipment are all good candidates for plug-in protectors. While plug-in protectors are recommended for all sensitive electronics in a home, most customers choose only to purchase high quality plug-in protectors for their most expensive electronic equipment.

What about protection for my computer/modem, cable television, Blu-ray, and/or Gaming machines?

These sensitive electronics are unique in that they have two or more sources of entry for a surge. Premium plug-in protectors offer both the standard electrical protection as well as the necessary phone, cable, or satellite protection.