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Power Out?

Using our outage texting service is an easy and convenient way to report provides peace of mind that your outage has been successfully communicated to dispatchers eliminates some of the traffic overloading WFEC’s phone lines. Traditional outage reporting methods are still available, however, this one is much faster and easier.

Please note that your phone plan’s standard data charges will apply.

You can now text in your outage, receive updates about its status and receive notifications when your power is restored. Enrolling in outage texting is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1) Text WFEC to (800) 342-7400.
2) You will receive a welcome message with instructions on reporting future outages.
3) When you need to report an outage, text OUT to (800) 342.7400.
4) Text STATUS for any updates, HELP for more info, STOP to unsubscribe to the service entirely.
5) Once power has been restored, a text confirming the restoration will be sent to you.

Below are samples of some of the text messages you could receive when using the new outage texting program from WFEC. 


Here are a few other things to note: 

If your number is not recognized, it will tell you to contact us by phone to report your outage via the outage management system. If you text OUT to report an outage, but don’t respond to the questions it asks, it will tell you the outage was not reported and to respond or call in. When you have multiple meters, and they are both off the same device, it will ask if both meters are out. When texting in your outage, upper or lowercase letters are acceptable. 

To use the new outage texting feature, members must have a mobile number associated with their account. Only one mobile number may be listed on each account for outage texting purposes. If you'd like to avoid messaging and data rates from your cell phone provider, WFEC has also added an outage reporting feature to its mobile applications for both Android and IPhone users. This will allow members to report outages from the mobile apps as well as view the map to determine where outages are occurring on the WFEC system 24/7. To utilize the mobile app to report outages, members must have a password to log in, please contact your local district office to set up this feature.

Remember, the best time to make updates to your account is before an outage occurs. Enroll today and be ready to text us the next time you’re in the dark.

Power Out?

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