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July 2023

Swim Into Savings this Summer

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Lounging poolside is a time to relax, not a time to worry about energy efficiency. Did you know that the energy used to operate a pool’s cleaning and filtering equipment for one swimming season can equal the energy used to power an average home for the same time period?

“Pool pumps can have a significant impact on our cooperative’s demand during summer months, so we encourage all of our members to install timers, run them at lower speeds, and upgrade to the most efficient equipment available,” said Rhonda Byrd-Lee, Energy Services Representative.

Pool pumps often run much longer than necessary. Circulating your pool’s water keeps the chemicals mixed and removes debris. As long as the water circulates while chemicals are added, they should remain mixed so it is not necessary to re-circulate the water every day to remove debris – most of it can be removed using a skimmer or vacuum. Longer circulation times also don’t necessarily reduce the growth of algae. Using chemicals in the water and scrubbing the walls are the best methods.

Savings can come from decreasing pool pump operation time, no matter the pump size or type. Keep drains clear of debris, or your pump will work harder to circulate water. It is also important to find a proper  balance for backwashing the filter. Too much backwashing (the process of filtering and disposing of dirty water) wastes water, while too little can strain the pump, causing it to run harder.

Installing timers to control the pump’s cycling is a great way to save, too. If debris is a problem, use a timer that can activate the pump for many short periods each day. Several short cycles keep the pool cleaner. Keeping the intake grates clear of debris is also important. Clogged drains require the pump to work harder, using more energy.

To help save energy, reduce your filtration time to about six hours per day. If the water doesn’t appear clean, increase the time until it does. Pool pumps should also be run during off-peak times. An off-peak time is a time of low demand on the system. In WFEC’s service area, 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. is the best time to run a pool pump.

Make sure your pool is not draining your energy dollars - adjust pump and filtration time and invest in energy-efficient equipment. The relief you will see on your power bill is worth the effort.